Gary Numan - Savage
We’re starting to get into numbers so absurdly high it’s beginning to beggar belief, but yes, friends: it’s the 175th episode of We Have A Technical! To mark this somewhat (but not really) auspicious milestone, we’re talking about Savage, the new record by the namesake of the website and podcast, ol’ Uncle Gary Numan hisself! How does this latest chapter in Numan’s industrial-cum-synth rock renaissance compare with its predecessors? How does it draw upon the poetics and theatrics Numan’s staked out since the beginning of his career? Where are we in the strange dialectic of influence between Numan and Nine Inch Nails? All these bits of minutiae and so many more are discussed in this week’s episode of WHaT! As always, you can rate and subscribe on iTunes, Google Play Music, download directly or stream from the widget down below.