Daniel, we will totally take this box of tapes off your hands.

Whether it’s a cross-continental team up with RĂ©al Cardinal of Comaduster or an impromptu set of Haujobb classics reconstituted on the fly, cool stuff happens when Daniel Myer plays Terminus. This year promises to be no exception as Myer’s spent the past few months digging through his archives in order to prepare a set of deep cuts and obscurities spanning the length of his discography. Combining Haujobb, Cleen, Cleaner, and Clear Vision tracks, this promises to be a very special set unlike any other in Myer’s career, and guess what? He needs your help to build it! Starting today right here on I Die: You Die, you can vote for the tracks you’d like to hear unearthed and performed at Terminus: Gravity! Rank the 49 (yes, that’s right, 49!) tracks on the docket using a five-star rating system to indicate your preferences, and be sure to click “Submit ballot” at the bottom. Please resist the oh so understandable temptation to 5 star all of ’em, as we need a few clear winners! Lets get to votin’!