Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe! Now that we have your attention, listen to us offhandedly mention we're not big fans.

Apologies for the delays and sound issues last week, folks! We’re making it up to you with a full hour of classic talking head punditry. Yes, that’s right: all of the wisdom and clarity you associate with the chattering classes of CNN and Fox News being applied to your favourite music! Hurray! The topic? The broader state of dark music, with questions concerning the rise of darker music outside of the boundaries of goth and industrial being kicked about. We debate whether or not a new dark age is moving beyond the ken of Our Thing, and whether the genre markers we’ve grown up with will have any future relevance in a pop landscape now so marked by strange and moody themes. We’re also doing all of the usual show and news catch-up we like to cram into the corners of the podcast, and try to keep baseball and wrestling chatter to a minimum despite our excitement there. You can rate and subscribe on iTunes, Google Play Music and Stitcher, download directly, or stream from the widget down below!

Bonus: Here is a totally legal and legit way to see the match Alex mentions in his recommendations for free!