Steven R Gilmore and The Beans. Photo Courtesy of DJ Pandemonium

Hey, friends! We’re back to our not-quite live broadcast after a couple weeks of canned episodes. Alex is back from Italy and although he’s still jet-lagged we’re hitting the ground running with a conversation with legendary designer Steven R. Gilmore! The man behind countless Nettwerk sleeves for Skinny Puppy, The Tear Garden, Images In Vogue and plenty of others (including e’s The Levitation Syndrome, soon to be rereleased on vinyl by Artoffact) is here to give us the stories and method behind many of your favourite record designs. We’ve also got plenty of catch-up to do with the site’s articles and general happenings, so join us for another jam-packed episode of the Internet’s premiere industrial music podcast recorded by underslept pro wrestling fans (that’s the ID:UD guarantee)! Make sure you check out Steven’s current and classic work on! You can rate and subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher, download directly, or stream from the widget down below!
The Recording Angel
The Autumnlands