The Merzbox: The "Your College Roommate's Wallet Full Of Psytrance CDs You're Always Tripping Over" approach to design.

Something of a landmark episode, this week’s podcast is our first by-request We Have A Technical! A suggestion for a Pick Five segment tickled our fancy, and so we’re selecting releases notable for their packaging, presentation, and overall design. Half mash-note to a couple of labels (guess which ones before you start listening!), half attempt to justify the record collections which are slowly taking over our apartments, this is a topic dear to our hearts and which we’ve kicked around casually in the past, now rendered in a halfway official form. This is the second (and last) of the episodes which were pre-recorded to work around Alex’s trip to Italy We’ll be back with a live (or, well, closer to live) episode next week, but in the meantime rate and subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher, download directly, or stream from the widget down below!