Réal sculpts sound and fire at Mutek 2011. Photo credit: Landon Spears.

School is in session this week, friends, and Professor Cardinal of Comaduster is driving the bus of knowledge to the University of Tortured Metaphors to drop science. All BS aside, Réal dropped by the HQ for this week’s podcast in order to answer our questions about some of the basic elements of the creation, recording, and distribution of music (especially electronic music) which writers like us often toss about willy-nilly. Sound design. Production. Mixing. Engineering. Mastering. How are these terms and processes delineated? How have they changed over time? How do they factor into industrial and the other genres folks who listen to this podcast love? Réal joined us to answer those questions and shine a light on his own processes. Rate and subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher, download directly, or stream from the widget down below!