The Soft Moon sleep in a very odd configuration

Hoo boy are we zig-zagging all over the map with this week’s episode, folks. We each had a couple of smaller topics we wanted to bring to the table, and so we’ve assembled a grab-bag style episode which is tackling a bunch of recent news and events – The Soft Moon tour coming through Vancouver and the long-anticipated Black Queen record, along with Laibach’s troll-heavy (or not?) endorsement of boomer rock, and the changing role of music files in a streaming world. Hell, we’re getting to some listener e-mail, to boot! Rate and subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher, download directly, or stream from the widget at the bottom of this post!
Asobi Seksu, Citrus
Dungeon Crawl Classics
Robert W. Chambers, “The Repairer Of Reputations”