Eyes Without A Face

Don't call me on the phone / To tell me you're alone

We’re back to our roots with this episode of the podcast, with each of the Senior Staff bringing one album apiece to the table. Between Alex nominating Daniel Myer’s Clear Vision LP and Bruce dusting off Ashes by Christian Death, we’d like to think this episode’s nicely bookending the reaches of our interests here at ID:UD (as well as reinforcing the ol’ “Alex is the industrial guy and Bruce is the goth rock guy” cliche). We’re also talking about the first new release and festival news the new year’s brought us, and catching up with all of the reviews that have been posted since our Bowie episode. For better or for worse, we’re well into 2016, and there’s no way out but through. Strap your boots on and join us, won’t you? Rate and subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher, download directly, or stream from the widget below!
The Seven Five
Mind Game
Killing And Dying
Les yeux sans visage