We’ve used this space plenty of times to talk up shows that have just happened or are upcoming in Vancouver: the fact that one of our favourite bands have just confirmed a show in our home away from home at The Hindenburg is more cause for such jubilation. But these shows don’t just appear out of thin air: they’re the result of lots of prep and communication between bands, promoters, agents, and venues. Folks like to post “Pleeze come to Schenectady!!!” or “y dont u ever come to Poughkeepsie” on bands’ social media outlets as if the bands have a personal stake in not playing a particular burg. Nine times out of ten, that band would love to play in your town if they could, and if the right venues and promoters get in touch with them, they just might. That’s where we all can come in as fans. Know someone in town who has the means to put on a show by Band X, who you know are assembling a tour schedule? Put them in contact with each other. Keeping abreast of all touring acts and amenable promoters can be tricky business, especially in a scene small enough to often preclude booking agents. If you want to make sure the band comes through again, promote the hell out of it in any way you can. Nag friends on the sidelines. Even if we often appreciate music in a solitary fashion, people mutely listening at home doesn’t in and of itself yield shows. Speaking of listening…

Kite: when quality control and Swedish charm meet!

Kite, “Nocturne”
Our favourite swedish electropop duo (and that’s not a meaningless designation, Sweden has a LOT of dope electropop duos) return with a track from their forthcoming VI EP. We’ve mentioned it before, but how weird is it that Kite have managed to get us so invested in what they do when they’ve released less than 25 songs over the five preceding EPs? If you were looking for an example of how throttling your releases and keeping the quality top notch works to engage fans, they’d be the perfect test case. Dig on the divine balladeering and keep your eyes on this space for more info as it becomes available.

3 Teeth, “Sell Your Face”
Second album is when the rubber hits the road for most bands, although you’ll need to forgive 3 Teeth for skipping the road and bringing the hits to your torso. We love this; we love the FLA influence in the bassline, we love that it’s an unapologetic industrial-metal song, we love the surprising break down in the final third. If you were wondering if these guys were a fluke, they most definitely weren’t. Buckle up cabrĂ³nes.

X Marks the Pedwalk, “Go Down”
Here’s a new one from X Marks’ just released album House of Rain. If you love Sevren’s Drawnback (which is now almost 20 years old, jesus H) like we do this should hit you just right, weaving synthlines, big emotive pads, intricate drum programming and that pre-Futurepop trance influence that he was way ahead of the curve on. This record just jumped a few spots in the “We need to check this out” queue of albums on our desk.

Wulfband, “Konflikt”
We love Wulfband, and were very surprised (but pleased) to see them get picked up by so many folks last year. Rising above the neo-oldschool body music throng with a whole lotta that punk energy, the anonymous Swedish act walked the line between rough n’ ready and easily accessible like pros on their self-titled debut. And hey, this new one doubles down, at little more than two minutes it should serve as a sweet intro to those of you who haven’t had the pleasure yet.

Pure Ground, “The Arsonist”
Los Angeles’ Pure Ground kick hard on this track, the A-side to their forthcoming 7″ on Weyrd Son. Recommended for fans of Absolute Body Control and even the early Klinik records, these guys understand perfectly that minimal synth can be about sweat and claustrophobia just as easily as it can ice and big empty spaces. Oh yeah, and did we mention that the 7″ is gold? Ill.

Displacer, “Traveller”
Finally something new from perennial ID:UD favourite, it’s Toronto’s IDM Godfather Displacer with a brand new one, straight from his label Crime League’s new Midnight Masks compilation. Michael Morton is a boss when it comes to texture and rhythmic interplay between percussion elements, a stylistic predilection shared by numerous other acts included on the comp like Dead Voices On Air, LPF12 and Outsiders to name a few. Perfect music for the transition of Winter into Spring, on that just past the equinox tip.