Shinsuke Nakamura
A little something to while away the time as you prep for tonight’s festivities or recoup the morning after on the couch with a restorative, it’s the the final We Have A Technical of 2014. As promised/threatened for some time, this episode is 100% entirely off-topic chatter, with none of our trademark waxing philosophical about the boundaries of sub-genres, the relevance of vinyl as a format to industrial, or even nitpicking favourite Portion Control jams. Nope, this episode entirely deals with our non-industrial hobbies and interests, touching on everything from Ghostface to Mass Effect, from metaphysical space opera to the face-busting Boma Ye knee strikes of Shinsuke Nakamura. We’re not gonna lie: there’s a lot of wrestling talk in this episode, and we were pretty in the bag when we started recording this around midnight a couple of weeks back after doing our year in review podcast and a good deal of our year end writing all on one fateful night at the HQ. In short, this podcast is a bit of a fucking mess, and while we make no apology for that, we also won’t take it personally if you elect to skip this one and reconnect on the other side of the New Year. One way or t’other, we’ll be back to our regular posting schedule here at I Die: You Die on Monday, January 5th, and can’t wait to kick off another year of writing and talking about all the dark music we love. As always, rate and subscribe on iTunes, download directly or stream from the widget below!