Talking To Ghosts
Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday; we’ve switched over to the “four posts a week” format at least on a semi-permanent basis, and coordinating podcastery isn’t always the most timely of activities. That said, we’re more than happy to have been joined by our brothers from other mothers, Michael Kurt and Wesley Mueller, dialing us up from the vegan mecca of Portland. Michael and Wes put in time as [product] and reakt[ion], and also are responsible for the breakout, must-have commute accessory of 2014, the excellent Talking To Ghosts podcast. We ourselves talked some shop on TTG in Calgary earlier this year, and were happy to return the favour by having the guys make an appearance on We Have a Technical. We talk about their bands, the podcasting game on the whole, our mixed and turbulent relationships with aggrotech, and so much more (show recaps, general scene news, Alex professing his love for Sister Machine Gun, and Bruce attempting to summarize the Swans discography in 30 seconds or less). Rate and review on iTunes, download directly or stream from the widget below!