When longtime friend of the site Scott Fox rolled through Vancouver for an iVardensphere gig (opening for Juno Reactor) a couple of weeks ago, we pitched the idea of him popping by the HQ with whatever gear he happened to be touring with to record an improv set. The idea was partially inspired by the (acid house heavy) Singularity gigs Fox had played at Terminus Festival and elsewhere earlier in the year, but we also thought that recording video of the set might give iVs fans, as well as fans of electronic music in general, a bit of a better sense of how material like this is actually being produced and presented live and on the fly in 2014. Often we hear speculation about what’s back tracked, what’s sampled, and what’s “live” (and discussion of what that word even means) at industrial shows. We don’t hope to answer or resolve any of those questions, but we do hope to be able to give folks a closer eye at what’s actually happening with all of the gear that’s brought on stage.

It’s our hope that we’ll be able to get some other acts, local and otherwise, to record these sorts of sessions and present them to you here at ID:UD (and hopefully come up with a catchy Numan-related name for such sessions). But we’re getting ahead of ourselves: here’s a raw, uncut and totally improvised session from one of the most prolific and most developing producers in North America. View the video, stream the audio, or download over at Soundcloud. Enjoy!