Image courtesy of Jill Grant at Take it for Granted.

Hey gang! With Bruce off to the British Isles for a tour of their finest distilleries and cider repositories, it was up to me, Alex, to find a co-host for this week’s episode of the official podcast. Fortunately our pal Réal from Comaduster was willing to step in and do a lengthy profile/interview episode, where we discuss his musical origins, his creative process and all sorts of stuff related to how his last album, the superlative Hollow Worlds came to be. This is a long one, so go get yourselves a tasty beverage, maybe a light snack, strap yourself in and get ready for some hella insightful chit chat. As always, thanks for listening and remember to subscribe and rate us on iTunes, download directly, or stream from the widget below!

Super bonus song discussed on the podcast, from Mass Effect 2: “To Hide, To Seek”