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  1. Dead When I Found Her

    Photograph: Dead When I Found Her, “Eyes On Backwards”

    November 8, 2016  |  Photograph  |  Comments (2)

    Michael Arthur Holloway guides us through each of the songs on Dead When I Found Her’s fourth LP.

  2. theblood

    Photograph: The Blood of Others, “I Used to Think Ever...

    September 9, 2016  |  Photograph  |  Comments (0)

    Michael Kurt fills us in with track by track commentary on the debut of his new project The Blood of Others.

  3. Jerome Reuter

    Photograph: Rome, “Anthology 2005-2015″

    October 7, 2015  |  Interviews, Photograph  |  Comments (0)

    We chat with Jerome Reuter about his 10 years of genre-redefining work in neo-folk and ask for reflections on songs from his new anthology release.

  4. nightmaze

    Photograph: Glass Apple Bonzai, “Night Maze”

    May 6, 2015  |  Photograph  |  Comments (1)

    Daniel X Belasco walks us through each and every track on the new album from his classic synthpop project Glass Apple Bonzai.

  5. Alter Der Ruine - I Will Remember It All Differently

    Photograph: Alter Der Ruine, “I Will Remember It All D...

    June 26, 2014  |  Photograph  |  Comments (1)

    Alter Der Ruine let us in on the circumstances and stories sounding the creation of their astonishing new album, with exclusive streams of every track!

  6. aimonst

    Photograph: ∆AIMON, self-titled

    December 13, 2013  |  Photograph  |  Comments (2)

    Brant and Nancy Showers of ∆AIMON reveal the processes and influences behind each of the tracks on their new, self-titled LP.

  7. 253669_232284863450705_2092122_n

    Photograph: Stiff Valentine, “Empire of Illusion”

    November 28, 2013  |  Photograph  |  Comments (3)

    We talk to Vancouver’s Stiff Valentine about “Empire of Illusion”, their new album which carries through industrial metal to EBM.

  8. iVardensphere

    Photograph: iVardensphere, “The Methuselah Tree”

    November 14, 2013  |  Photograph  |  Comments (2)

    iVardensphere’s Scott Fox guides us through the sounds and collaborations which make up the band’s fourth LP, “The Methuselah Tree”.

  9. 1014421_686721511343245_1311314607_n

    Photograph: The Causticles on “Eric Gottesman”

    August 1, 2013  |  Photograph  |  Comments (0)

    Matt from Caustic and Brian from The Gothsicles take us through The Causticles’ record track by track, touching on independent labels, addiction, and ear-sex with Bono.