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June 2011

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  1. kantkino

    Kant Kino, “We Are Kant Kino – You Are Not”

    June 30, 2011  |  Album Reviews  |  Comments (1)

    Promising debut from dark electro act which polishes and refines a familiar template.

  2. News!

    Reasons to be Cheerful

    June 30, 2011  |  News  |  Comments (3)

    Carrying on from what Alex wrote, one of the few commonalities that seems to tie Our Thing together is that whatever it is, its most hardened devotees agree: it sucks now. Perhaps that’s not so surprising, just about every subculture likes to hearken back to some Golden Age when “things were real”, but the multiplicity of sounds and histories which fall under the rubric of “dark alternative” stuff gives…

  3. News!

    Hello, and a few words on Etymology

    June 30, 2011  |  News  |  Comments (2)

    Third time’s the charm? Maybe not. For those that don’t know, this ain’t me and B’s first rodeo, although in honesty our previous endeavours in the world of music blogging haven’t ended in a particularly climactic fashion. More whimper than bang if you feel me. That said, now that my partner in crime is largely done bringing the fire to academia, and I’ve emerged from an extended period…