Prurient's Dom Fernow gets by with a little power electronics help from Wes Eisold. Credit: Andrew Youssef.

So there it is, folks! Our Top 25 list is out there circulating amongst regular readers and fans of this sort of music. On the whole, folks seem to be on board with many of our top picks, but as always there are a few records we didn’t list which people felt were conspicuous by their absence (cough, Agent Side Grinder, cough). Well, as luck would have it we’re talking about a few of those records on this week’s episode of the podcast. We’re talking about honorable mentions, records we loved but didn’t feel fit with our vision of our list, and a few notable reissues that stuck out in 2015. It’s a sober second look back at the year that was on this episode of We Have A Technical, but don’t worry, we’ll be ringing the year out in an excessively sloppy style. Rate and subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher, download directly or stream from the widget below!