They're getting weirder somehow.

Round eight of We Have a Technical is go! In this episode we’re talking about a whole three recent records, while managing to keep the run-time to an hour. Hey, maybe we’re getting the hang of this! The hook is that all three albums are either by or orbit around the industrial behemoth that is Skinny Puppy. This ended up being a chance to talk a bit about our beloved home Vancouver which we share with the Kevins, a factor which has always augmented our love for their music, though there’s no question we’d be devoted fans no matter where we hung our hats. On deck we have Puppy’s Weapon, Download’s Lingam, Dubcon’s U.F.O. Pon Di Gully Side, plus a bit of chatter about the Vancouver NIN concert. Thanks so much for listening and following along as we forge ahead with this new dimension of I Die: You Die. Download directly here, subscribe via iTunes or stream from the widget below!

00:00: As with every week, our theme music is “Black Cross (Dead When I Found Her Remix)” by ∆AIMON, available from Artoffact records.
00:52: Thanks so much for listening to Episode #7! You guys are the coolest!
02:58: It was a pretty good show indeed, more about that next episode.
04:04: It was Episode #3: A Friggin’ Academy Award.
06:21: Watch the Kinetik Facebook to see the announcement!
07:16: Subconscious Communications is Cevin Key’s record label/actual literal studio. He has a hand in everything that goes on there.
07:35: Here is the video for “illisiT”, Puppy’s first since they put out “Haze” back in 2007 (tip of the hate to Phillipp Mann for the correction!)
10:08: Here is the In Conversation piece Bruce is referring to.
10:58: The first domestic release for The Greater Wrong of the Right, on CD and vinyl.
11:42: Despite being a House of Blues venue (BOO! HISS!) the fabulous Commodore Ballroom is a fucking wicked good place to see a band.
14:10: We did rather enjoy Handover.
15:48: Just looks at his discogs entry, and that’s not even close to complete.
17:32: Some Girls is Alex’s favourite Rolling Stones record, partially because it is the last gasp of greatness from a band who would go on for another 35 years (and counting) afterwards.
18:14: This song of course being the best lyrical ice cream metaphor ever recorded.
22:34: You can read Alex’s review of Lingam here.
22:54: We are of course referring to The Legendary Pink Dots, who are, well, legendary. Cevin and LPD frontman Edward Ka-Spel have been longtime friends and collaborators, in The Tear Garden amongst other projects.
23:41: Furnace was first in ’95, Charlie’s Family came out in ’96, the same year as the seminal Eyes of Stanley Pain.
25:30: Shouts out to!
26:28: We love us some Phil Western.
27:00: I, Braineater (Jim Cummins to his mum) is the fuckin’ coolest. You may know him from his amazing painting work for Puppy, which included designing the wicked 90’s SP logo.
27:20: You can get Dark Features digitally. Do it!
28:10: That was pretty memorable.
28:55: It is pretty neat, make no mistake.
35:02: You can read Bruce’s review of the Dubcon record here.
35:58: Discogs is no help in this regard.
36:31: This is incomplete. Think on that.
39:31: Badadingdingwhooooa!
42:05: Jim Thirlwell remixed A LOT of bands.
45:15: Scaremeister is Cevin’s alias for his sound design work.
45:58: That Gn’R song is fucking terrible, no lie.
46:51: Brap on.
50:49: Well, if we’re talking reissues, ohGr’s Welt came out on vinyl, and Plateau’s Kushbush + Music For Grass Bars and Doubting Thomas’ The Infidel both got rereleased by Metropolis, but those don’t really count.
53:15: Here you go, knock yourself out.
55:13: This is pretty awesome, and you should download it.
58:16: Beatles references are timeless.
Thanks again for listening, and if you’re so inclined, drop us a review on iTunes!