Suspiria: A voyage to trip-out city.

As fall rolls on we check in with the sixth episode of We Have a Technical! We talk about recent records by Individual Totem and Volt 9000, coincidentally both released on Artoffact Records. Also, it’s been a busy couple of weeks behind the scenes at the HQ as we’ve been getting our ducks in a row booking the I Die: You Die stage at our beloved Festival Kinetik, and so we chatted a bit about that and some of the bands we’re excited to be bringing you live next year.
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00:00: As with every week, our theme music is “Black Cross (Dead When I Found Her Remix)” by ∆AIMON, available from Artoffact records.
00:56: There’s a lot of Kinetik chat late in the episode, for now go familiarize yourself with how North America’s biggest festival is shaping up for 2014!
02:15: This doesn’t seem to be digitally available anywhere, and is hella out of print. Various tracks can be heard all over the place though, like this version of the theme by Prosymna.
02:25: The Akira one is available, as a pay what you want download even!
03:00: The album in question is 1976’s Roller.
05:02: You should probably know who Seb is if you don’t already.
07:25: Individual Totem’s Kyria 13 is available from Artoffact records. Here is some stuff Bruce wrote about it.
13:03: Pour one out for Pendragon Records y’all.
13:26: Alex meant to say Wave Workers Foundation, not Heavy Water Factory.
14:27: NKVD’s Prolog is great, here is a thing we published about it.
16:40: Shadowrun Returns was pretty cool, if you’re a giant fucking nerd.
18:30: While you’re at it, pour one out for Inception Records too!
19:20: Alex insists you buy “Lost Station”, that song is tits.
20:30: We should probably be shot for not mentioning Vangelis here.
20:55: Enya: dark as fuck from time to time. This track surfaced regularly in the not-very-good ’92 flick Sleepwalkers.
22:30: The album art for The King of Elfland’s Daughter made quite an impression on an impressionable young Bruce. Wacky facts: it featured no less an authority on high fantasy than Christopher Lee as a narrator, and the tripped-out album art was done by Jimmy Cauty, later of KLF infamy (he also did one of the more famous pieces of Lord of the Rings artwork). Who knew?
25:58: Volt 9000’s Conopoly is available from Artoffact records. Here is some stuff Alex wrote about it!
26:11: Volt 9000 did in fact appear on Septic X with “How to Start a War”.
36:04: We really feel like we should stress that we’re talking ohGr influence, as opposed to Ogre’s work with Puppy.
38:25: Andrew Dobbels is the other member of Volt 9000.
40:08: OMD may have done this trick best out of anyone.
41:05: The video is pretty cool too!
44:20: We might have written a thing or two about Kinetik over the years.
48:10: Check out Apriorism and Wychdoktor on this cool compilation of Ottawa industrial!
48:21: Peep our review of WotE’s ANĀGĀMI here.
48:31: Check out for all the emptiness right here!
48:54: We dig Displacer a bunch!
49:26: Read our review of MEND’s demo!
50:20: Check out Gentleman Junkie’s Soul to Soul here!
51:30: The infamous performance in question.
54:30: Def in June was a great name, don’t you agree?
56:19: We eventually did interview Dan, and it was great!
57:39: You can grab this song from here!
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