Marilyn Manson needs a Tony

Alright kids, here’s the third installment of ID:UD’s new podcast! It looks as though our new podcast hosting platform is up and running, so we should be able to keep episodes of We Have a Technical coming without worrying about snapping the blog’s regular hosting plan all Macho Man Slim Jim style. This week, we talk about the much ballyhooed return LP from Nine Inch Nails, Hesitation Marks, as well as the new EP from Caustic, Coprophagia/Consummatia. There’s also some talk at the end about the recently announced seventh Festival Kinetik, and the role that we’ll be playing in it. Stream from the fancy player below, or download from this link right here!

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0:00: Our theme music is “Black Cross (Dead When I Found Her Remix)” by ∆AIMON, available from Artoffact records.
0:47: In actuality, three episodes of Fish Police aired, meaning we’ve now tied it. More importantly, Fish Police was a comic before it was a TV series, and featured inking by none other than Sam Kieth, later of The Maxx fame.
5:41: Alex meant to say “Into The Void”, not to be confused with Enter The Void.
11:09: A friggin’ Academy Award.
13:10: I Dream of Wires is a 2013 documentary about the resurgence and popularity of modular synthesizers.
13:58: It wasn’t “Various Methods of Escape”, it was “All Time Low”. Here is the Final Fantasy music Alex was thinking of.
15:40: “Ringfinger” is in E flat-major according to some sheet music we Googled.
19:50: Our feature for the week this was recorded was a conversation about Covenant’s Leaving Babylon.
26:27: Uncanny X-Men #123, “Listen–Stop Me If You’ve Heard It–But This One Will KILL You!”, July 1979
27:01: Bruce is turned on by Kate Bush’s The Sensual World.
27:44: We’re specifically referencing Caustic at Kinetik 2.0 in 2009.
28:45: And You Know Me By the Trail of Vomit
31:21: The Man Who Couldn’t Stop ranked 19 in our Favourites of 2012 list.
31:43: The Causticles song Bruce is referring to is “I’m Not (Functional)”.
34:30: The interview mentioned here appeared on Intravenous’ website in January.
37:24: JG Thirlwell played the ultra expensive Fairlight Synthesizer on Coil’s Scatology under his Clint Ruin alias.
39:10: Caustic’s Vampire Freaks Blog, and Matt’s Failing Better Music Tumblr.
41:40: You can pick up Coprophagia/Consummatia via Bandcamp.
46:30: You can see our big fat heads at the front of the crowd in this video from the show.
48:18: Bruce’s review of The Legendary Pink Dots’ The Gethsemane Option.
50:18: “What Do You Want From Me” was a single by Peter Hook’s solo-project Monaco.
52:20: For information about the festival and updates about our involvement, check the Kinetik website and Facebook!
55:36: The video for Henric de la Cour’s “Shark”.
59:45: That is what it means.