TDS 30

We ain’t getting any younger, and neither are the formative records which turned us into the sort of sick bastards who’d end up running a website for a dozen years and a podcast for nearly 500 episodes dealing with industrial music. To wit, on the occasion of Trent Reznor and so many other people’s comments on the thirtieth anniversary of The Downward Spiral, we’re dusting off our scratched CDs, getting our hand-dubbed tapes out of storage, and reconsidering one of the records which shaped our understanding of music in general, let alone industrial, lo those many years ago. Regular listeners will know that we barely ever talk NIN on this podcast simply because it’s well-worn territory by outlets much larger and broader than us, but this felt like the right time to do so. All that, plus some Of The Wand & The Moon and Gridlock talk. As always, you can rate and subscribe on iTunes, Google Podcasts, download directly, or listen through the widget down below.