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  1. priepourmoi

    Dernière Volonté, “Prie Pour Moi”

    March 22, 2016  |  Album Reviews  |  Comments (2)

    French neo-folk gone electropop act Dernière Volonté leans hard on their established sound on this new LP.

  2. From lousy intern to incompetent producer, Tobey has done it all.

    We Have a Technical #28: All Manner of Jovial Whatnots

    August 28, 2014  |  We Have a Technical  |  Comments (0)

    It’s a flashback to our first two episodes, as Alex assembles their best moments into a whole new (well okay, mostly old but largely unheard) experience!

  3. The cover for the forthcoming Numan album, as discussed in this episode.

    We Have a Technical #2: Haligonian Scum

    August 30, 2013  |  We Have a Technical  |  Comments (0)

    In our second podcast we gab about records from Distorted Memory and Dernière Volonté, and get all excited about seeing Gary Numan.

  4. Alex grew up around the corner from this Crimean War Monument

    So Fragile #15: No Flags, No Martyrs

    November 2, 2012  |  Mixtapes  |  Comments (1)

    Our neo-folkesque mixtape features strumming and dranging from the likes of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, King Dude, Cult of Youth, Dernière Volonté, Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat, Rome and XAOS.