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  1. 1526884_264370013687827_193675568_n

    The ID:UD Dozen: 2014 Wishlist

    January 9, 2014  |  The ID:UD Dozen  |  Comments (6)

    As in previous years, we’ve sketched out twelve records and general trends which we’d see emerge in 2014 if we had our druthers.

  2. Lapis Niger - At The Throne Of Melek Taus

    The ID:UD Dozen: 12 Underrated Dark Ambient LPs

    December 5, 2013  |  The ID:UD Dozen  |  Comments (6)

    Friend of the site Danica S assembles a list of 12 underrated albums from the margins of dark ambient for initiates and neophytes alike.

  3. Agree with us that this logo is just the best.

    The ID:UD Dozen: Some Labels of Note

    October 31, 2013  |  The ID:UD Dozen  |  Comments (0)

    We have a look at a dozen labels within or bordering on Our Thing that you may find some interest in!

  4. MEND

    The ID:UD Dozen: Records Still to Come in 2013

    October 3, 2013  |  The ID:UD Dozen  |  Comments (2)

    We’re three quarters of the way through 2013, but there are still plenty of releases we’re pumped for dropping in the final quarter. We anticipate records from Die Krupps, Antigen Shift, iVardensphere, MEND, ∆AIMON, and more!

  5. Billy Idol

    The Dozen: Industrial By Non-Industrial Artists

    July 25, 2013  |  The ID:UD Dozen  |  Comments (3)

    We tear ourselves away from purely industrial navel-gazing and look at some artists from outside of Our Thing who either borrowed from it or contributed to it.

  6. Rose McDowall - The Poems

    The ID:UD Dozen: Before We Were Acquainted…

    May 17, 2013  |  The ID:UD Dozen  |  Comments (1)

    We have a look at the early projects of some of our favourite names from Our Thing, including Ministry, Rotersand, Malaria!, Dead Can Dance and more!

  7. You can even do it iTunes. No excuses!

    The ID:UD Dozen: Online Best Practices

    February 7, 2013  |  Commentary, The ID:UD Dozen  |  Comments (3)

    We present a dozen tips for bands who want to have rewarding online interactions with fans, DJs and press organs.

  8. Killing Joke

    ID:UD’s Dozen: Underrated Albums of the 2000s

    October 18, 2012  |  Commentary, The ID:UD Dozen  |  Comments (13)

    We look at a dozen overlooked albums from the post-2000s, including gems from bands you love, and a few from artists that may have slipped under your radar.

  9. Myths

    ID:UD’s Dozen: Acts You Should Know

    August 16, 2012  |  Profile, The ID:UD Dozen  |  Comments (5)

    We profile twelve up and coming acts from a wide range of regions and genres. If you read ID:UD, we hope you’re half as jazzed to check new bands as we are, so what’s stopping you? Lend an ear to these…