We Have a Technical 212: Rollerball Rock

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written by I Die You Die
June 14, 2018 | Category: Featured, We Have a Technical

A rare pic of the wild JLDM and Marc Heal

A Pick Five episode aims for the singles charts this week on the weekly ID:UD podcast! Bruce and Alex are picking songs whose single versions they prefer to album versions. Expect some big names (and a couple of smaller ones), plus some discussion of upcoming C-Tec dates and how you might be able to help out ArtOfFact in their hour of need. All that and more on the latest episode of We Have A Technical. Don’t forget to rate and subscribe on iTunes, Google Play Music, or download directly or stream from Spotify or the widget down below.

2 Responses

  • nht says:

    I about spit out my coffee when you picked the “Black Ships Ate the Sky” clip. Bruce’s “jesus…” was the cherry on top. Well done.

    I’d love to hear you guys do a show devoted to that whole C93/DiJ/Coil/Rose McDowall/World Serpent scene sometime.

  • Ian Giesbrecht says:

    100X yes on the Tour De Force mix. Man alive that’s a great track.

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