We Have a Technical 193: The Mania Within

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written by alex
February 1, 2018 | Category: Podcasts

The Exploding Boy, oi oi oi

The broad and gloomy realm of post-punk is the subject of the day on this week’s episode of We Have A Technical! From its origins shared with goth and industrial, through the mainstream revival of it in the early aughts, up to the present groundswell in underground post-punk, the Senior Staff are hailing the best and jeering the worst of a nebulous, but often sombre style. You can and rate and subscribe on iTunes, Google Play Music, download directly or stream from the widget down below.

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  • static says:

    About the Spotify thing, I actually looked for your guys’ podcast on there and was a bit bummed that I couldn’t find it. It would certainly make it easier for listening on the go. Just my two cents, take care!

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