We Have a Commentary: VA: “Random: A Gary Numan Tribute”

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written by I Die You Die
December 21, 2017 | Category: Commentary, We Have a Technical

Random: A Gary Numan Tribute

On this very special (assuming by special you mean disorderly and unrehearsed) double length episode of We Have a Commentary, Bruce and Alex tackle Random, 1997′s hit and miss tribute to Gary Numan. Pray tell, have you ever wondered what the thoughts of a couple of industrial anoraks are on bands as diverse as Bis, Republica, Jesus Jones, and The Orb? Find out as we struggle for two hours to make sense of electronica, the British music press, and the enduring influence of our own Uncle Gary. Just like every week, you can rate and subscribe on iTunes, Google Play Music, download directly or stream from the widget down below. Podcasts will still be posted for the next two weeks, but we’re taking a break from writing ’til the new year.

2 Responses

  • thefax says:

    Saint Etienne as ‘electronica also-rans’? C’mon guys, they were around for years before ‘electronica’ was even a thing (and after; they released a pretty good album this year), and they were one of the major acts at the origins of the fusion of indie and dance in the late 80s/early 90s. I know you said this would be a more casual show but that’s quite a stumble out of the gate.

    You might be interested in Saint Etienne member Bob Stanley’s brief but interesting account of Numan as a ‘suburban extraterrestrial’ in his book Yeah!Yeah!Yeah!.

  • The Shrike says:

    Listening to this on last day of work before the holidays, and it certainly is making it bearable. It’s really interesting to see a North American take on lots of UK bands from the 90′s it’s plain to hear that some of the bigger names here just did not translate that well, the Orb for one. I would agree they are a spent force these days, but during the 90′s they were essential for Rave Culture and the comedown after parties. To finish though, I came to you through the podcast this year, and you are such a great find. I have been introduced to so much good music this year because of you guys, and your depth of knowledge of this music we call ours, always astounds me, and everything , and everything… I look forward to the delights to come.

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