We Have a Technical 185: The Little Shorts

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written by I Die You Die
November 30, 2017 | Category: We Have a Technical

Odonis Odonis Odonis Odonis Odonis

As the end of 2017 looms near (for better or for worse), we’re continuing to use the podcast as an opportunity to discuss records which slipped past us upon release or which are perhaps more tangential to our work at I Die: You Die. A philosophically ambitious record from Laibach and a record from Odonis Odonis which reinterprets the legacy of industrial rock make up the bulk of this week’s episode. How does the NSK take up the theme of the Ubermensch? Have Odonis Odonis been researching jungle? Find out all of that, plus the scoop on the current Gary Numan tour on the latest episode of We Have A Technical! Don’t forget, you can rate and subscribe on iTunes, Google Play Music, download directly or stream from the widget down below.

3 Responses

  • disclaimer777 says:

    Check out Random: Gary Numan Tribute if you want some good weirder covers done for Gary Numan and some even produced by him.

    • Bruce says:

      We’re both big fans of the first Random comp! (The second one less so.) As it happens, while we were at the show we were talking about how we should do something about Random on the site or podcast someday. Stay tuned?

  • Hiro Protagonist says:

    Listening to you guys talk about the Numan show makes me even more excited to see him than I already was (t-minus 12 days and counting). It sucks however to hear that Me Not You were a dud. I did some extensive sherlock holmes(esque) youtube research on them and yeah, your description was pretty spot on. If sneaker pimps and the metics were to have a baby……

    Assuming the opening act spot is still being used as a promotion tool, it would’ve been nice to see a Wulfband/Numan or Schwefelgelb/Numan ticket. They fit within the genre and are worthy of broader attention. I always like when touring acts grab local artists to open for them. Being in Houston, a Spit Mask / Numan show would be fucking amazing.

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