We Have a Technical 177: 3 Books, 7 Swords

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written by I Die You Die
October 5, 2017 | Category: We Have a Technical

Sweet Gary D, still rivet

Morning, folks! This week on the podcast we’re tackling classic early albums from now-veteran acts who have new work on the docket. Mentallo & The Fixer and mind.in.a.box’s legacies stretching all the way back to “Revelations 23″ and “Lost Alone” are considered as those two records are analyzed in their own time-frame and in the cold light of history. All that, the expected festival updates and the even more expected horsing around about sub-par fantasy novels await you, the listener, on the newest installment of the idieyoudie.com podcast. Don’t forget, you can rate and subscribe on iTunes, Google Play Music, download directly or stream from the widget down below.

4 Responses

  • Daniel C says:

    I found it interesting when Mind.in.a.Box’s ‘Crossroads’ was pointed out as the one that caught your attention initially since it was the same for me. I was relatively new to music related to Our Thing at the time, and I was in the ‘blindly buying albums off of Metropolis’ phase to get as much music as possible. Crossroads ended up being one such purchase, and served as my introduction to M.i.a.B.

    I remember getting goosebumps with the opening track from Crossroads and I was instantly hooked. I immediately went back and bought Lost Alone and Dreamweb. I found a certain affection for Lost Alone as the genesis of the band, more so than I did with Dreamweb. So although Lost Alone isn’t as good as much of their later material in my opinion, it certainly serves as an important marker as the first and the start of the band’s concept. That being said, I have always personally ranked it higher than Dreamweb (which, to this day I still cannot seem to enjoy as much as I do the rest of M.i.a.B’s catalogue).

    I’m very excited for their next release. I’d say their teaser was very effective in building that excitement for me!

  • staticvestige says:

    Aside from the great musical discussion as usual it’s great to hear that Cuphead got a shoutout! Such a great game, and it’s good to know that I’m not the only Dark Souls fanboy in the scene ;)

  • silikonanswer says:

    Please review the latest Mentallo. I think Gary is thinking in going more song based. I appreciate the that artists embrace change but the last three albums are not what I expected, except the odd exception that recalls what Gary is capable of. I think the latest Mentallo is like Autechre’s most impenetrable records, which suffer from the same deconstruction mayhem, but mixed with our thing. It is hard to listen to the last records from start to finish. My final thoughts? Mix old with new Mentallo to bring it to the next level.

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