We Have a Technical 168: Tell Yuri We Sent Ya

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written by I Die You Die
August 3, 2017 | Category: We Have a Technical

Photo Courtesy of Jill Grant @Takeitforgranted

Anyone else got a case of the Terminitus? Back from Calgary fully sated and scratchy voiced, Alex and Bruce are giving a blow by blow account of all the happening at this year’s installment of Terminus Festival. Beers, jeers, and cheers: we’ve got a total rundown of each and every act which graced the stage at the northernmost post of Industrial Summer Camp 2017. Plus, we’re happy to present an interview with Tom Shear of Assemblage 23! Tom spoke with us about the band’s long-earned legacy, songwriting, and his relationship with his fans. Fix yourself a snack and a drink: it’s a bonus-sized edition of We Have A Technical this week! As always, you can rate and subscribe on iTunes, Google Play Music, download directly or stream from the widget down below.

2 Responses

  • a23_groupie says:

    The video art for Cervello Elettronico was to die for. And, of course, the Gothsicles + Glass Apple Bonzai all the way!))

  • Daniel C. says:

    Man, it was cool to hear Tom Shear’s response to the question of people making personal connections to the music that he makes. I was going through a deep bout of depression during my cancer treatment at the time that Endure was released, and while the album overall was cathartic for me to listen to, Bravery in particular was the track that struck a chord with me upon the first listen. I already thanked him for his music helping me get through that rough patch in my life when he came through my town, since it really did help me summon up the will to keep going and keep fighting.

    Also, Terminus is up there with festivals I’d love to go to besides Cold Waves one day! Life goals, right?

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