We Have a Technical 165: Kalan We Are Not

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written by I Die You Die
July 13, 2017 | Category: We Have a Technical

Surgyn got looks

Hey listener! Are you excited to listen to two guys who where almost exclusively band t-shirt and jeans talk about the fashion of Our Thing? Well boy howdy, have we got a podcast for you: this one! Can you judge a band by their cover (or their body armor)? At what point does a signifier become a cliche? Are we all just reliving high school clique wars? There’s so much on the table when you bring up the question of fashion. Of course we will end up discussing some other stuff, namely the news that our beloved Encephalon have a new album completed! Golly, what a great week to check out We Have a Technical, the official I Die: You Die podcast! As always, you can rate and subscribe on iTunes, Google Play Music, download directly or stream from the widget down below.

3 Responses

  • Daniel C says:

    Other than the very breathable camo pants I own, I can’t say that I engage much in the scene fashion. Speaking of aesthetics, however, I hadn’t heard Surgyn’s material until this show. I really got a huge kick of that song’s use of a dialogue sample from the game ‘Bioshock’.

    • Daniel C says:

      That being said, I’m very ambivalent towards a band’s fashion as long as I can enjoy their music to some degree. When their aesthetics venture into theatrical, however, it does factor in as a selling point for me when it comes to deciding about going to see them live. Of course, for some bands it doesn’t matter. I’ll see them any time they come into town regardless of what they wear on stage.

  • Nick S says:

    Was interesting to hear you play Spark! in the podcast since they are a band where their image makes them a hard sell when I explain them to friends now. While they’re absolutely the best EBM band around for me, the whole clown image is super hard to explain. Friends ask if they’re like Insane Clown Posse and get a sort of wary look.

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