We Have a Technical 163: The Sixtennial

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written by I Die You Die
June 29, 2017 | Category: We Have a Technical

Look, there isn't a lot of cool gothic imagery featuring the numeral six out there okay?

The six year anniversary of I Die: You Die is being celebrated on this episode of We Have A Technical! Bruce and Alex are discussing each of the site’s six favourite records of the year in retrospect. How has the bombastic electro-industrial of Encephalon shaped our understanding of scene records? What have we learned about ∆AIMON that we didn’t know upon the release of Flatliner? And what would Seymour Stein have to say about EBM, anyway? These questions and so many more are answered herein. Thanks very much to everyone who’s come along for the ride at any point over the past six years; we hope you’ll stick around. As always, you can rate and subscribe on iTunes, Google Play Music, download directly or stream from the widget down below.

4 Responses

  • PsyK says:

    Hey guys pretty interesting way to go trough your time working on IDYD than by reminiscing over the record you’ve selected as the best of each year. Btw I was wondering have any of you listened to Author & Punisher? The dude makes his own machines to play and compose his songs which results in super badass live performances. His last album was amazing and he has a new EP that came out earlier this year which is also great.

  • stonethorn says:

    You mention casually in the cast that 2017 is also seeing a lot (and repeated) great albums this year. I’ve actually experienced the opposite. Half way through the year, and out of 225 albums I’ve listened to this year, only Statiqbloom’s Blue Moon Blood, 2nd Face’s Nemsis, Author & Punisher’s Pressure Mine, Hide’s Black Flame EP, Alex Empire’s Volt albums stand out even a little bit (total of 5 albums), with singles of MRDTC, iVardensphere, Vanguard, Omnimar, Black Needle Noise and 3TEETH which are okay. (Total tracks in my collection above 3 stars is only 29!) This year really has felt like a let down. What am I missing that you guys are hearing? By this time last year I had three times that many albums I considered quality…:/

  • stonethorn says:

    Oh, I missed mentioning V▲LH▲LL’s single Тили Тили Бом/Tili Tili Bom (ЈѴѕҬ ВӠӋӀЍЭ ҮѺЦ Edit) as well as a track.

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