We Have a Technical 131: Sage Words

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written by I Die You Die
November 24, 2016 | Category: We Have a Technical

It’s a pillar to post interview on the podcast this week, as we talk with Rexx Arkana (Bruderschaft, FGFC820, Coldkill) about his lengthy history with synthpop, industrial, and all points in between as a fan, a DJ, and as an artist. Rexx remembers more obscure 80s new beat and synthpop bands than you’ve had hot meals, and it was a pleasure to walk through his storied history with all manner of genres and sounds pertinent to Our Thing from a variety of perspectives. As always, you can rate and subscribe on iTunes, Google Play Music and Stitcher, download directly, or stream from the widget down below.

8 Responses

  • Mistress McCutchan says:

    Well done!

  • Daniel C. says:

    Damn, what Rexx said about nothing de-romanticizes death like actually facing it really resonated with me. I’m just two months out from being told I was in remission myself, and that is so true in my eyes. Fuck death. Living is better! Keep the faith, Rexx. My best wishes go to you and I hope you get good news with those scans.

  • Final broadcast says:

    I wonder if the Jingoistic label applied to FGFC820 because their ID is unironically USA. When even most American bands in the genre sort of distance themselves from the US. I also would have liked to hear his thoughts about alternative music’s sort of endless nostalgia funk we’re in.

  • rexx says:


    What is it that you find “unironically USA” about the logo? the star? the stencil font? both? i’m interested in what makes you interpret it as you do. the typeface has changed over the years, but the star has always been there. FTR i have no intention or interest in distancing myself from the US. she’s an imperfect place – especially post this election cycle, my God – but she’s “mine”… and without sounding like a country song, i’m still proud to call her home.

    as for the scene’s “nostalgia funk”, idk. i don’t want to sound equivocal, but there are clearly different strokes serving different folks. i myself am both fond of nostalgia (and prone to it, even before my health issues) and also desiring of forward movement in most things, music included. my friend circle sort of sits along all points on the spectrum on this, too; some love all the new “retro” bands and see it as a return to form of sorts, others think it’s derivative nonsense ad nauseum. everything in moderation, i guess?

    • Final broadcast says:

      A little bit bit of both, it’s just not the military vibe you’d get from a European band. I wasn’t saying it was a bad thing, I was just saying that in a scene where even kids from Chicago pretend to be European, it’s wouldn’t be hard to see those same people take the leap to Jingoistic from just embracing the US. Even though I think we should be much more worried when a Germans get militaristic. Kidding, no angry comments please.

      I agree, I like all these modern ‘retro’ bands too. I more worry that alternative music has been stuck emulating the late 70’s early 80’s for awhile now. I just worry that we’re culturally navel gazing, and if there isn’t some growth to move beyond the ‘glory days’ that it’ll end up like jazz where it takes decades to get people that aren’t simply doing nostalgia acts.

  • Seb says:

    I still have photos from that first US tour with IOC. You were a great US guide. Good times.

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