We Have a Technical 121: The Hatchet Within

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written by I Die You Die
September 15, 2016 | Category: We Have a Technical

I've heard of a hot carl, but this Carl must be very hot in all that leather.

We’re dishing a bit of dirt on this week’s episode of the podcast…but in the most pleasant and Canadian way possible. We’re picking songs we like by bands we don’t. Which tunes pricked up our ears when not a single other melody from the minstrel’s lute might? All that and much much more on this week’s episode of We Have a Technical, the official idieyoudie.com podcast! You can rate and subscribe on iTunes, Google Play Music and Stitcher, download directly, or stream from the widget down below!

4 Responses

  • disclaimer777 says:

    HERESY! I am surprised with the choices for bands. Fields of Nephilim and New Model Army are two of the greatest bands of the last 30 years. Nephilim & NMA does great live shows and they are still fresh after all these years. I would suggest checking out Zoon by the Nephilim (not FOTN) a great metal album. Carl McCoy poking fun at Goth and himself paved the way for Type O Negative and I am sure a few others. New Model Army has a myriad of great songs and even got a cover by Sepultura. If you want a good “introduction” to NMA check out Thunder and Consolation, which has a good amount of hits and a few UK singles.

  • Martin says:

    1. Stromkern – Heretic
    That song is killer. But all the other stuff from Stromkern that I checked out was… nah. They are not for me.

    2. Death in June – Breaking the Black Ice
    Yeah, Douglas Pearce. Problematic, to say the least – I won’t even start to go into this now. But still… I can’t help but to like some of his songs for being so beautiful melancholic.

    3. Funker Vogt – Gunman
    Quite similar to what you guys told in the podcast: The first Funker song I ever heard on some compilation, than discovered that it all sounds the same and is quite boring and cheesy but still… somehow there is a weird little place in my heart for this song.

    4. Pink Floyd – Set the control for the heart of the sun
    I never got into Pink Floyd, I was born to late, I never could stand ‘The Wall’ and never felt the desire to learn more about them. Until I found out about Set the control via the Psychic TV cover. Checking out the original, I was surprised that it wasn’t PTV who made it all dark and droney, but that the original was like this already. It is one of those songs where I can never stop to be amazed how far ahead of its time it sounds.

    …and now finally the one I will get crucified for:

    5. Throbbing Gristle – Discipline
    Don’t get me wrong. I have a huge respect for TG, for what they did and what they made possible. And many of their recordings are still interessting to me on a conceptional level. But, to be honest, I really don’t enjoy actual listening to most of their stuff.
    Discipline is one of the rare exceptions. It is excellent on so many levels and I never get bored by it.

  • ValekHalfHeart says:

    Machine Zeit would definitely also be on my list. Also holy shit Zex Model is (was? :’( ) amazing.

  • Matthew Sheppard says:

    NMA have no shortage of brilliant songs in my opinion, they’re about as far as you can get from a “one hit” band. If you want some specific suggestions try The Hunt, Lights Go Out, Stupid Questions, Vagabonds, White Coats, 51st State…

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