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January 2016

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  1. Some dudes just look German, you know?

    We Have a Technical 88: Once in a Podcast

    January 28, 2016  |  Commentary, We Have a Technical  |  Comments (1)

    The Senior Staff tackle Wolfsheim’s “Spectators” and its connection to the larger history of synthpop in another album commentary podcast.

  2. Agrezzior - Berzerker

    Agrezzior, “Berzerker”

    January 27, 2016  |  Album Reviews  |  Comments (0)

    The second Agrezzior album highlights the appeals and pitfalls of the path old school EBM has carved for itself.

  3. Syntec

    Replicas: Syntec, “Puppets & Angels”

    January 26, 2016  |  Replicas  |  Comments (0)

    Infacted shines a light on semi-obscure EBM/synthpop act Syntec in the latest addition to their Classix series.

  4. Seeing Double: Four David Duttons of genCAB

    Tracks: January 25th, 2016

    January 25, 2016  |  Tracks  |  Comments (2)

    Freshness abounds from Comaduster, Mlada Fronta, Ohm v. Slighter, Venal Flesh, genCAB, and Pelada.

  5. Eyes Without A Face

    We Have a Technical 87: The Erotic Adventures of R.

    January 21, 2016  |  We Have a Technical  |  Comments (0)

    We’re talking records by Clear Vision and Christian Death, plus new releases and festival news on this episode of the podcast.

  6. cover

    Blac Kolor, “Stormfly”

    January 20, 2016  |  Album Reviews  |  Comments (0)

    Techno EBM producer shows off more of his distinct production on his fresh new EP.

  7. Dubcon - Martian Dub Beacon

    Dubcon, “Martian Dub Beacon”

    January 19, 2016  |  Album Reviews  |  Comments (0)

    cEvin Key and Ryan Moore return for a more mellow dub trip on their second LP.

  8. Hante.

    Tracks: January 18th, 2016

    January 18, 2016  |  Tracks  |  Comments (2)

    New biz from Hante., Memmaker, Venom Vampires, Ari Mason, Michael Arthur Holloway, and Container 90 & EkoBrottsMyndigheten.

  9. Vandalaze - Big Diner

    Vandalaze, “Big Diner”

    January 15, 2016  |  Album Reviews  |  Comments (0)

    The mutant synth-funk industrial of Vandalaze splatters itself wide across its first full length.

  10. deepcodesol

    Michael Idehall, “Deep Code Sol”

    January 14, 2016  |  Album Reviews  |  Comments (0)

    This collection of two previous cassette releases highlights the strength of the Swedish artist’s vocal n’ noise compositions.