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  1. Cocksure defeats the dastardly Knob Twiddler with the help of some kindly TRU EBM lovers at Infest!

    Tracks: August 31st, 2015

    August 31, 2015  |  Tracks  |  Comments (0)

    All the Tracks thats fit to hear, featuring new songs from Cardinal Noire, M‡яc▲ll▲, The Harrow and a pair of fun covers from Iris and Death in Rome.

  2. Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 8.59.00 PM

    We Have a Technical 66: Where’s My Tambourine?

    August 27, 2015  |  We Have a Technical  |  Comments (3)

    We spent a solid hour talking improvisation, the fan/artist relationship and bringing music to the stage with Alex and Aaron from Seeming, all this week on We Have a Technical!

  3. fragments

    Mr.Kitty, “Fragments”

    August 26, 2015  |  Album Reviews  |  Comments (1)

    Mr.Kitty takes a victory lap on his confident new album of synthwave and electropop, as affecting and genuine as ever.

  4. Second Layer - World Of Rubber

    Replicas: Second Layer, “World Of Rubber”

    August 25, 2015  |  Album Reviews, Replicas  |  Comments (0)

    A sparse and at times violent side-project of The Sound’s Adrian Borland gets the full vinyl reissue treatment.

  5. Good lookin' out B.

    Tracks: August 24th, 2015

    August 24, 2015  |  Tracks  |  Comments (0)

    We celebrate our love of pro wrestling by writing about music instead! New Tracks from iVardensphere, Die Krupps, V▲LH▲LL, Black Egg, Drew McDowall and… Kat Dick Ugly?

  6. Europa

    We Have a Technical #65: Europa Europa

    August 20, 2015  |  Commentary, We Have a Technical  |  Comments (7)

    Our latest full length album commentary is for Covenant’s “Europa”, all water and the stone styles!

  7. SARIN

    SΛRIN, “Psychic Stress”

    August 19, 2015  |  Album Reviews  |  Comments (2)

    Toronto-based techno EBM producer SΛRIN keeps things minimal and pounding on his sophomore release.

  8. Kammarheit - The Nest

    Kammarheit, “The Nest”

    August 18, 2015  |  Album Reviews  |  Comments (2)

    A decade long wait for the new Kammarheit album pays off, but “The Nest” keeps much of its mystery to itself.

  9. sarin

    Tracks: August 17th, 2015

    August 17, 2015  |  Tracks  |  Comments (0)

    New music from Laibach, SΛRIN, Haujobb, Gabi Delgado, Psyche & Luminance, and MDS51.

  10. thumb

    We Have a Technical 64: Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave

    August 14, 2015  |  We Have a Technical  |  Comments (5)

    On this episode, we talk about records by And One and Din [A] Tod, and talk about crate digging on a recent trip to Seattle.