We Have a Technical #25: The Headhunter 2Kast

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written by I Die You Die
July 18, 2014 | Category: Commentary, We Have a Technical

Front 242 - Headhunter 2000

Oh boy, true believers, do we ever have a wacky episode of We Have A Technical for you this week. We’re breaking from our usual interviews and casual chat to do a full-on endurance test of industrial geekery that started as a vague dare but which morphed into so much more during these, the sweltering dog days of summer. Yes, we’re doing a full-bore track-by-track audio commentary appended to Front 242′s legendary Headhunter 2000 release. We talk a bit about the aesthetics of industrial circa ’98, the various bands who contributed work to this megalith of a double-CD, and naturally, a whole helluva lot about Front 242 and their most infamous jam. Like we said, this is a bit of a venture outside of the normal podcasting scope we work within, so let us know what you think. Subscribe and rate us on iTunes, download directly, or stream from the widget below!

No annotations this week because holy crap trying to point out all of the references we made here would take a donkey’s age. You have Google, use it. But seriously, check out this ridiculous 90210 bit.

4 Responses

  • Lawrence says:

    Holy fuck that became a chore to listen to towards to end. Your commentary was fine, but having to hear “looking for man…” over and over alongside some real generic techno for almost two hours gets tiresome. You guys were way nicer to collection than I would have been…

    Also, a segway from Front Two-Fourty-Two to Porno For Pyros would probably be really abrupt and awful. I doubt your skills as an alternative DJ, Mr. 90210.

  • Daniel says:

    I enjoyed the hell out of this episode. By the way, you may have looked this up already, but Aqualite is Torben Schmidt and Alfred Gregl of Binary Park, etc.

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