We Have a Technical #20: Impressed by How Evil You Are

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written by I Die You Die
May 9, 2014 | Category: We Have a Technical

God damn it Cat, that is adorable but also you are fucking up that record

Hola Chochachos! Yet another episode of We Have a Technical, our 20th as a matter of fact. 20 is a fine ol’ number, so we figured we’d get a special guest in the house, hence our chat with Daniel X Belasco of Glass Apple Bonzai. We chat with Daniel about his new album, how to synthpop correctly and how rad AFTERMATH is gonna be. We also talk a bit of Ashbury Heights, and a couple forgotten Vancouver records for good measure. Subscribe and rate from iTunes, download directly or stream from the player below!


00:00: As with every episode, our theme music is “Black Cross (Dead When I Found Her Remix)” by ∆AIMON, available from Artoffact records.

00:45: Okay, we ended up talking about wrestling a lot this episode. Sorry guys. Here is the reference in case you’re wondering.

01:55: Oh you didn’t know about Toronto’s dope AFTERMATH festival? Educate yourself friend, then buy a ticket!

02:40: Outlook… promising?

04:14: Funny band names are at least half the appeal of a noise event.

05:05: Hard sci-fi right up in your face.

06:35: Look, it’s not totally horrible, but those rhymes are weeeeak.

07:27: Look, Alex barely cares about sports, and he found these all fascinating. You should look into them.

07:40: It was Claudio Castagnoli (aka Cesaro) vs. American Dragon (aka Daniel Bryan) in a fuckin’ High School gym or something.

09:00: Just straight up cherry-picked it off iTunes.

18:49: Read our review of the GAB album here!

20:04: If you don’t know Defense Mechanism, you can check out their albums on Bandcamp.

28:54: We love Continues, like, a lot.

40:55: Take a look at that A Luna Red piece here.

42:15: Check some Radio Berlin.

44:51: Info on The Automovement is scant today. Here’s their Discogs.

45:21: Here’s a bit we wrote about Lynx & Ram back in 2007.

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