We Have a Technical #1

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written by I Die You Die
August 16, 2013 | Category: Podcasts, We Have a Technical

Hey, gang! This week we’ve got the first episode of our hopefully semi-regular podcast We Have a Technical for you to enjoy. Think of it like reading a really long ID:UD article with more chair creaks and use of the word “uh”. This week we talk about Mr.Kitty, Freezepop and some forthcoming albums we’re interested in from Covenant, Architect, Ohm, Youth Code, iVardensphere, Nine Inch Nails, and Henric de la Cour. Apologies for how rough this first episode is, as we’re still working the kinks out of the recording process: what you hear is the result of a lot of piecemeal recording and inelegant audio editing. Download and stream from the bottom of the post!

Here are some links to things we discussed:

Mr.Kitty Bandcamp
Freezepop’s Website
Eskil Skiing


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